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ekey net Scanner

The ekey net fingerprint scanner is used for managing fingerprint templates by:

  • Storing fingerprint templates received from the server over the network during Startup Operation and Updates;
  • Identifying users' fingerprint during Access Operation;
  • Generating, storing, and sending of activity log to the server.

ekey net scanners are weather resistant and are available in different designs and options

Surface Fingerprint Scanner (Wall Mount) available for ekey home, ekey multi, ekey net

integra Fingerprint Scanner (Wall or Door Mount) available for ekey home, ekey multi, ekey net

Euro Fingerprint Scanner (Euro Outlet Mount) available for ekey home, ekey multi, ekey net

FSB Fingerprint Scanner (Door Handle) available for ekey home, ekey multi, ekey net.

Bio-entry - integrated ekey with audio-visual entry system

ekey net scanner is available in three capacities 40, 200, or 2000 fingerprint templates with 1-to-many matching algorithm. The scanner can identify users with swipe of their finger without requiring additional criteria such as code, card, FOB, etc.  in addition, two form factors is supported if needed.

Each scanner in the network can be configured so that users' identification is performed either locally at the access scanner or centralized at the server.

Each enrolled fingerprint is assigned to a trigger one or series of events such as open door, activate alarm, clock in, activate one or more relays etc.
In a typical installation each ekey net scanner is connected to one ekey net control unit. Additional scanners can be connected to the same control unit to manage access of the same door in both directions.

Download Links

100 - Brochures/Catalog
200 - Wiring / Mounting
300 - Operating Guide
400 - Datasheet
600 - Software
650 - Forms


100 - Brochures/Catalog

101 ekey fingerprint scanners catalog ekey FS catalog b.pdf 1.82 MB
102 FSB Door handle with ekey Finger scan FSB Door handle Fingerscan.pdf 1.38 MB
103 ekey FSB guide ekey FSB guide.pdf 1.36 MB
104 ekey home multi net brochure ekey home-multi-net brochure 2.pdf 0.41 MB
105 ekey integra 2 brochure ekey IN2 brochure b.pdf 0.33 MB
106 ekeyUSA product Catalog 2013 ekeyUSA_Catalog_2013_v1_1.pdf 2.89 MB
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200 - Wiring / Mounting

201 Integra scanner mounting instructions in-wall frame ekey FS IN mount - in-wall frame 800980.pdf 0.44 MB
202 Euro scanner mounting instructions - in-wall frame ekey FS OM mount - in-wall frame 801662.pdf 0.28 MB
203 Euro scanner mounting instructions - outdoor frame ekey FS OM mount - outdoor frame 801549.pdf 0.15 MB
204 Wall-mount scanner mounting instructions - on-wall frame ekey FS WM mount - on-wall frame 801790.pdf 0.33 MB
205 integra mounting instruction on door ekey integra door mount MI801420.pdf 0.47 MB
206 integra assembly instruction ekey integra FS assembly 804121.pdf 0.25 MB
207 ekey mounting instruction 1 ekey mount instructions 801417.pdf 0.88 MB
208 ekey mounting instruction 2 ekey mount instructions 801780.pdf 1 MB
209 ekey general cable recommendation ekey general cable recommendation.pdf 88.12 KB
210 ekey general wiring example ekey general wiring example 801788.pdf 0.24 MB
211 ekey Visio Shapes 0.54 MB
276 ekey net mounting instruction MINI control ekey net CP MIN mount 800975.pdf 0.21 MB
277 ekey net wiring - MIN control ekey net wiring - CP MIN 800975.pdf 0.21 MB
278 ekey net wiring examples ekey net wiring - examples 801471.pdf 0.45 MB
279 ekey net wiring - UDP ekey net wiring - UDP 801055.pdf 62.83 KB
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300 - Operating Guide

301 ekey scanner installation and usage tips ekey FS installation and usage tips.pdf 0.74 MB
376 ekey net user guide (ID099) ekey net 4x user guide ID099.pdf 12.37 MB
377 ekey net quick-start guide ekey net quick start guide 801303.pdf 0.35 MB
378 ekey net basic steps guide ekeynet_setup_basic_steps.pdf 0.95 MB
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400 - Datasheet

401 ekey power adapter - 12VAC1-5A ekey power 12VAC1-5A DS801263.pdf 0.15 MB
402 ekey power adapter - 12VDC1-5A ekey power 12VDC1-5A DS801264.pdf 0.11 MB
403 ekey power adapter - 12VDC1A ekey power 12VDC1A DS801262.pdf 82.71 KB
404 ekey power adapter - 12VDC2A ekey power 12VDC2A DS800921.pdf 0.11 MB
405 ekey power adapter - 24VDC2A ekey power 24VDC2A DS801265.pdf 0.15 MB
476 ekey net control - composite wiring (ID139) ekey net CP COMP wiring DS-ID139.pdf 91.25 KB
477 ekey net control - DIN Rail Mount ekey net CP DRM DS801469.pdf 0.22 MB
478 ekey net control - integra ekey net CP IN2 DS-ID156.pdf 0.23 MB
479 ekey net control - min ekey net CP MIN DS801504.pdf 0.16 MB
480 ekey net control - wall mount ekey net CP WM3 DS-ID155.pdf 0.12 MB
481 ekey net converter - LAN ekey net CV LAN DS-ID157.pdf 0.17 MB
482 ekey net converter - Wiegand ekey net CV Wiegand DS-ID153.pdf 0.57 MB
483 ekey net scanner -integra ekey net FS IN2 DS-ID145.pdf 0.18 MB
484 ekey net scanner -integra RFID ekey net FS IN2 RFID DS-ID146.pdf 0.19 MB
485 ekey net scanner - Euro-mount ekey net FS OM DS-ID147.pdf 0.34 MB
486 ekey net scanner - Euro-mount relay ekey net FS OM Relay DS-ID148.pdf 0.36 MB
487 ekey net scanner - Euro-mount RFID ekey net FS OM RFID DS-ID149.pdf 0.36 MB
488 ekey net scanner - Euro-mount RFID relay ekey net FS OM RFID Relay DS-ID150.pdf 0.37 MB
489 ekey net scanner - wall-mount ekey net FS WM2 DS-ID141.pdf 0.35 MB
490 ekey net scanner - wall-mount relay ekey net FS WM2 Relay DS-ID142.pdf 0.36 MB
491 ekey net scanner - wall-mount RFID ekey net FS WM2 RFID DS-ID143.pdf 0.36 MB
492 ekey net scanner - wall-mount RFID relay ekey net FS WM2 RFID Relay DS-ID144.pdf 0.36 MB
493 ekey net technical specifications ekey net tech spec 4 DS-ID098.pdf 0.93 MB
494 ekey net scanner - USB bit AuthenTec ekey net USB bit2 DS801686.pdf 0.16 MB
495 ekey net reader - USB RFID ekey net USB RFID DS801522.pdf 0.3 MB
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600 - Software

601 ekey net version 4.1.9 150 MB
602 ekey net check program for upgrade from ver. 3.x to ver. 4.x 4.6 MB
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650 - Forms

651 ekeyUSA credit card authorization form ekeyusa_cc_auth_form.pdf 25.12 KB
652 ekeyUSA Business Partner Application ekeyusa_BP_application_f2.pdf 140 KB
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