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ekey multi

ekey multi is an extended standalone access control system, combining up to 4 finger scanners into a small network. Unique selling proposition: Instead of working with elaborate software on a dedicated PC, the system is managed via the control panel – simply and conveniently.
Via a configurable master key plan, users are given the flexibility to open any door using any finger. In addition, the system supports 3 time zones for grouping different users (e.g. family members and friends, staff and cleaners, etc.).

Feature Highlights

  • Extended standalone weather resistant fingerprint access control system
  • Suitable for small application with up to 4 entry points
  • One control unit can manage up to 4 fingerprint scanners each scanner can control any or all of the 4 relay outputs
  • System capacity is 99 fingerprints automatically shared and distributed to all scanners
  • Simple installation and operation via the control unit with LCD
  • 3 time schedule (always 24/7 no restrictions, schedule A and schedule B with time restriction)
  • Access log viewable on the control unit LCD only
  • Holiday calendar to restrict access during defined periods application for users assigned to schedule A or B...excluding the always schedule users
  • No computer is needed for enrolment enrolling fingerprints or managing the system; In case of power failure the system retains its information.  Fingerprint templates are not lost