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ekey home

ekey home Surface Scanner (Wall Mount)
ekey home Surface Scanner (Wall Mount)

ekey home is basic physical access problems are solved with ekey home. Keys, codes, cards, etc. are no longer needed or required for daily access. The concern of losing a key or forgetting a code is virtually eliminated with the use of one's own fingerprint, because with ekey your finger is the key!

Feature Highlights

  • No computer is needed for enrollment enrolling fingerprints or managing the system; In case of power failure the system retains its information. Fingerprint templates are not lost
  • No logging or schedules
  • Basic physical interface through dry contact closures relay (not energized) that it could be used to control electrical strike, magnetic lock, electrified lock, or any electrified system or device that can be controlled by on/off switch
  • Weather resistant suitable for indoor or outdoor installation and usage
  • Scanner capacity is 99 fingerprint templates with 1-to-many matching algorithm
  • ekey home system is shipped as a
  • set that consists of one or more of the below items depending on the ordered configuration